Here's the Secret to Feeling More Awake

Waking up isn't always easy. If you regularly find yourself struggling to open your eyes as your outstretched arm hits the snooze button, your mattress may be the source of your excessive sleepiness.

Sleep is like a sport — one you participate in for a third of your life. Your mattress is your most vital piece of equipment. With the ability to maximize your body's performance while your brain recharges and your cells rejuvenate, having the right mattress also means you wake up with fewer aches and pains. Everything from your mind to your muscles works better when you sleep on the right mattress.

The Effects of Poor Sleep — And How to Beat Them

According to The Better Sleep Council, you can experience a range of negative effects when you lack quality sleep. Your immune system can weaken, you might have trouble concentrating and you may even experience mood changes. Thankfully, there are easy sleep hacks that can help you avoid adverse health consequences, such as high blood pressure and hormone imbalances. Switching up your sleeping habits can even help you enjoy more productivity, improved focus, heightened creativity and better health.

Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, cooling the room down and leaving technology outside the bedroom. Stop drinking caffeine by early afternoon, and eat your last meal or snack a few hours before your planned bedtime. These tips help ensure you wake up revitalized.

Is Your Mattress to Blame?

Consider your daily activities and current lifestyle; does your mattress support these? If you sit at a desk all day or are highly active, you should have a mattress that provides the right level of firmness, cushion and comfort, so you don’t wake up with aches or pains. If you're tossing and turning throughout the night and simply not feeling rested and restored, it's time to go mattress shopping.

Your Mattress and You

Because it's your partner in comfort, you should know exactly what you need from your mattress. Purchasing the proper mattress is always a wise investment.

Recognizing your own sleep habits and researching which mattress choice is best for you can make your shopping experience easier. Firmness is one of your most important considerations, and this refers to the feel and how much support the mattress provides. When it comes to firmness, side sleepers should select the softest option. Back sleepers should choose medium support levels, and stomach sleepers require the firmest options for optimal support.

You should also choose the right pillow for your sleep position. Side sleepers need firm support for their necks. Back sleepers need to keep their spines and necks in line by using softer pillows, and stomach sleepers need flat pillows that don't stress their necks. Reducing motion transfer should be a consideration if you share your bed. Selecting a mattress that promotes maximum coolness can keep you comfortable, too.

Beautyrest offers an ideal starting point for finding your perfect mattress — one that doesn't just help you get better sleep but also helps you be more awake. Discover memory foam designed to direct heat away from your body and help keep you cool as you slumber. See how Advanced Pocketed Coil® technology can relieve pressure points, offer enhanced back support and provide motion separation to give you the ultimate in restorative sleep each night.

If you find it challenging to remain awake and alert during the day, it's time to see the difference a new mattress can make. Prioritize getting your best possible sleep. Be More Awake. [Learn How].